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 Every child should learn to be safe and comfortable in and around water. We use the gentle touch technique and feature private one-on-one lessons that emphasize repetition of basic water safety skills under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Students at our school develop and progress through the skills necessary for a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment!

Staff List

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Janis Gregoire
Miss Janis is our fabulous IT expert!
Ms. Tara M. McIntosh
Miss Tara is our wonderful office manager.  She handles a lot of the daily behind the scenes tasks needed to keep the doors at Donna's Dolphins open.
Ms. Judi Snow
Miss Judi is one of our friendly office staff. She is an expert in customer service and would be happy to help you with whatever questions you have.
Ms. Cathy Hamilton
Miss Cathy is one of our friendly office staff. She is an expert in customer service and would be happy to help you with whatever questions you have.
Ms. Devon Berry
Miss Devon has over 20 years of competitive swimming experience and uses her passion for swimming to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for her students.
She specializes in working with beginners of all ages to overcome anxiety or fear of water. Miss Devon excels at adapting our program for swimmers with special considerations, creating an environment that promotes success with every lesson. Her experience with children on the spectrum allows her to understand the obstacles that exist and address the attraction to water that makes safety a necessity. Whether you are learning basic safety skills or refining advanced techniques, Miss Devon will help you reach your goals.
Ms. Vicki Lingle
Ms. Vicki specializes in teaching the following levels:
  • Level 1- Sea Stars
  • Level 2- Sea Monkeys
  • Level 3- Sea Otters
  • Level 4- Dolphins 
  • Level 5- Seals
  • Level 6- Sharks
Ms. Vicki specializes in teaching the following classes:
  • Baby Dolphins
  • Sea Otters 3:1 Group
  • Dolphins 3:1 Group
  • Homeschool P.E.
  • Jr. Stroke Clinic
  • Beginner Stroke Clinic
  • Intermediate Stroke Clinic
In addition, Ms. Vicki also specializes in working with: 
  • Adults 18 & up
  • Adults 18 & up with special needs
  • Adults 18 & up either hearing impaired or deaf
  • Children with special needs 
  • Children either hearing impaired or deaf
Ms. Ray Roberts
Miss Ray specializes in teaching students in the following levels:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
Miss Ray also specializes in working with:
  • Baby Dolphin Class (6 months to 3 years old)
  • Upper lever stroke development
Ms. Meredith Newmaker
Ms. Meredith has 14 years of teaching in the classroom and now homeschools her two children, including her daughter with autism. She is Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and Shallow-Water certified. She loves teaching Baby Dolphins through teens.
Ms. Sophie Loy
Ms. Sophie's background is in teaching fundamentals and teaching children with special needs. She works as a behaviorists and enjoys using that experience to help her students learn and grow. Ms. Sophie teaches all age groups and levels.
Ms. Amanda Symonette
Ms. Amanda has been swimming nearly her whole life, and has a background in competitive swimming. She works the best with older kids that are either learning strokes, or wanting to improve stroke technique (levels 4, 5, and 6). She also enjoys teaching stroke clinics to help kids better their strokes and learn competitive drills and skills.
Mr. Chris Ellis
Hi my name is Mr. Chris, am 18 years old and have been at Donna's Dolphins for well over a year now. I am currently a freshman at UCCS as a nursing prep major, but in high school I was very active with baseball, basketball, and swimming! I love working with kids of all back grounds! I have worked with children with special needs for many years now both in and out of the water.
Ms. Mandie Hoehne
Miss Mandie has been around the pool most of her life. She started swim team in junior high and continued competitively through high school. She started teaching swim lessons at 16 and has been able to continue teaching on and off since then. Mandie is experienced in all levels from parent/infant to adult. She taught elementary school for several years, has a Master's in education, and has two kids of her own, so the teacher/mommy instinct comes naturally. She loves kids and seeing them learn new skills and having fun with it.
Ms. Shannon Lang
Ms. Shannon grew up swimming and considers it her favorite hobby and form of relaxation to this day. She participated and competed on swim teams throughout all of grade school, high school, and freshman year of college. Shannon eventually discovered that triathlons provided her a unique opportunity to continue swimming in her adulthood and went on to complete 3 Ironman events. Having been a summer camp counselor for children with special needs and an elementary school teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience, Shannon has worked with children of all ages and ability levels. She is passionate about relationship-based education...and having safe fun in the water!
Ms. Nicole Gregory
My name is Nicole, I'm one of the instructors at Donna's Dolphins! I have been teaching swimming lessons for over a year and love it! I swam competitively from age 7 until I graduated high school. I grew up learning to swim in Wisconsin and then moved to Boston around the age of 13 and continued my love for competitive swimming there. I have lived in Colorado for over 7 years now and absolutely love it! I am very comfortable teaching toddlers up through adults and also enjoy working with stroke clinic. Can't wait to help you or your little one learn to love the water as much as I do!

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