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I can't say enough wonderful things about Donna's Dolphins! My daughter, age 5, has special needs (left-sided weakness/cp) and has done exceptionally well with the extremely competent and caring teachers at Donna's. I was literally emotional for the first 5-10 lessons watching her amazing progress and how wonderful the teachers are that work with her. She has progressed up to working on big rainbow arms and I'm amazed out their innovative ways to get her using her left arm. I'm thrilled with how far she has come and feel so grateful to have found this gem of a swim school. A year or two ago I wouldn't have thought it was possible for my daughter to learn to swim due to her limited use of her left side. Not only is she well on her way to swimming, but it's been an excellent therapy in and of itself! --Addysen's mom

I recommend Donna's Dolphins to anyone I know looking for swimming lesson for their little ones. We have tried some group swimming lessons through the Y and Red Cross in the past and I've always been disappointed with how slow the progress is and how hard it is for the little ones to learn in a group setting. We have been thrilled with Donna's approach to teaching swimming and especially with the quality of instructors. My 3 year old son has gone from being afraid to get his head under water to being able to swim/float the length of the pool. The kids make such amazing progress during their one-on-one lessons, plus they learn survival skills that become second nature so that you can truly know as a parent that they will be safe if something happened in or around water. This is invaluable to me as a mom of two little children!  --Jack's mom

My daughter has gained so much swimming experience in the past 8 months. She is only 5 and can do all 4 swim strokes and flip turns. The instructors are very patient and caring. We have been very happy at Donna's Dolphins!  --Emily's mom


My 6 year old daughter Skye has made remarkable growth with Stephanie! She was afraid to put her face in the water when she started and now she knows how to swim all 4 strokes! She only has one sticker left to get and it's only been a year and a half. Thanks so much!  --Skye's mom


Donna and her team are great at what they do. This is the best swim school that we have been to. They did such a great job with my 9 yr old girl and made it so much fun!  Now my 5 yr old boy is also taking lessons. They have a great swimming teacher!   --The Luu's