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Q:  What makes you different from other swim schools?

A:  At Donna’s Dolphins, we take pride in our approach that is approved and endorsed by the United States Swim School Association, as well as in our fabulous teachers!  We believe that our method is superior because of the foundational emphasis of water safety, on top of which all other skills are built.  In addition, we utilize muscle memory and motor repetition, allowing even the littlest swimmers confidence in the water and vital swimming skillsets in a very short amount of time!  Finally, we LOVE our swim instructors!  Our swim instructors are guaranteed to bring out the best in your child by building trust and confidence, through using positive reinforcement methods during each lesson, and by teaching our method in a structured program.  While each teacher has a different personality, all have been trained intensively to teach the swim-float-swim progression.


Q:  My child has taken swim lessons elsewhere before. How do you place him/her within your framework?

A:  We evaluate all of our swimmers during their first lesson.  Because they may have come from a different swimming methodology (Red Cross WSI, etc.), we will quickly apply their skillsets (floating, streamlining, kicking) to our verbiage, method, and framework, modifying as needed while emphasizing and building our swim-float-swim foundational skills. 


Q:  What should my child bring to his/her first lesson?

A:  Please bring a towel, a swim cap, and goggles to your lessons.  It is also wonderful to see children all ready with their gear on before their lesson begins, giving the instructors a few more minutes of instructional time.  Feel free to ask for help, though, as positioning swim caps and goggles on little heads and faces takes practice!  Please also bring a reusable swim diaper for your child if they are not potty-trained. We have goggles, swim caps, and reuseable swim diapers available for purchase in our Dolphin store.


Q:  How many lessons per week do you recommend?

A:  While children are first learning, we recommend 2 lessons per week until they learn the “roll.”  This skill takes a lot of muscle memory, and we have found that 2 lessons per week for 5 weeks gives the best results.  After children have learned this skill and are swimming all 4 strokes, one lesson per week, or even stroke clinic, is recommended.  If your child has learned all 4 strokes and you are not interested in stroke clinic, a “refresher” lesson of one time per month is recommended to maintain your child’s skills.


Q:  My child has had a previous scary experience in the water. Can you help?

A:  Of course!  We are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle even the toughest scenarios, so please let us help!  Your child will be placed with an instructor that has an understanding of the situation and can modify their teaching accordingly.


Q:  Why does your program cost so much?

A:  You will find that although we charge $38 per private lesson, your child will be learning at a much quicker rate than during a typical group class.  The one-on-one attention your child receives allows for accelerated and much more efficient results than typical group classes taken elsewhere.  We also often have sales and promotions going on, so please check in the office to see what is new!


Q:  How do I schedule a swim lesson with the speech therapist?

A: Our speech therapist is Katie Blehm.  Please contact her to schedule at 719-332-4689.


Q:  Does insurance cover speech therapy in the water?

A:  Please contact Katie Blehm at 719-332-4689 for insurance Q/A’s.