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Swimming and Water Safety "Right From the Start"

At Donna’s Dolphins, we believe that everyone has a swimmer within!  Because we emphasize a “Right From the Start” mindset in very aspect of our learn-to-swim program, we achieve maximum results in a short amount of time.  Learning the right and correct methods of swimming skillsets and stroke techniques from the very beginning allows our swimmers to learn and reach their goals quickly!  Our enthusiastically warm and highly qualified teachers are taught and intensively trained to incorporate our unique soft touch approach, otherwise known as “swim-float-swim,” along with our proven learning method that facilitates muscle memory from motor learning and repetition, giving our swimmers mastery of vital skillsets and techniques at every age.  You will find that your child quickly embraces the “I can do it!” attitude and sense of accomplishment that comes form our progressive learning method that builds swimming skillsets from intuitive foundation skills.  Our instructors work to build a rapport with each of their students from the very first lesson, enhancing confidence, excitement, and motivation in all of our swimmers.  Your child will be given plenty of positive reinforcement through verbal praise, stickers, and Dolphin Dollars in order to reach their goals!

Donna’s Dolphins takes infants beginning at 6 months of age!  In addition, while learning to swim, proper swimming technique and stroke refinement are major focal points of our aquatics program, and the acquisition of fundamental water safety skills is the driving force behind everything we do!  Children, even infants, are taught the “starfish” float from the very beginning in order to create the muscle memory that is needed when a water accident occurs as well as for building skillsets.  We incorporate water safety skills in to every lesson, and our swim-float-swim method is preferred over others to promote both water safety skills and proper swimming techniques.

Special Needs Swimmers

The teachers at Donna’s Dolphins are know for their effective teaching methods that have been designed to be both structured and FUN, keeping students and parents alike coming back for more.  We use these same methods with our large special needs population, modifying when needed to create the best experience for your child.  Our teachers also emphasize proprioceptive movement for sensory modulation, transitioning skills, and positive reinforcement methods during each lesson.  We love to work with the special needs population at Donna’s Dolphins because of the vast improvements in both swimming and daily life skills that occur as a result of swimming and deep pressure “therapy,” including better transitioning skills, less “stimming” behaviors, better eye contact, and increased language development.  We have many students that have autism, sensory integration disorder, Down syndrome, speech and/or language delays, and many more.  We have several teachers who specialize in special needs from mild to severs.  Please let our staff know if your child has special needs so that we can accommodate them with our best resources!