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  Attention all girls! Our Mermaid class is starting on Saturday, Feb 1st! Come have fun and learn the skills of the mermaids on our island of Mermainia! Watch the video to the left and see how fun it can be!

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons to swimmers of all ages and abilities.  With one instructor and one child, distractions are minimized and the learning environment is very focused.  Our 30-minute private lessons have been designed to provide our students with personalized attention at an optimal level within a structured and fast-paced environment in order to achieve accelerated results.  Depending on their age and skill level, students will learn the basics from blowing bubbles and putting their faces in the water all the way through stroke refinement.

Semi-Private Lessons/ Backpack Kids

We are pleased to offer semi-private, or “Backpack” lessons at our swim school.   Semi-private lessons give our students of any age and/or ability the opportunity to interact with another student of similar age and ability while still receiving personal attention.  In order to eliminate the “dead time” that often occurs in group lessons, our instructors have been trained to incorporate and engage both swimmers during lesson time, with frequent switch outs and balanced time for each swimmer.  With our younger students, the instructor will place one student on his/her back as a turn-taking technique in order to maintain the attention and involvement of both students throughout the lesson.


Group Lessons

Here at Donna’s Dolphins, we feel our results in private lessons greatly exceed our progression in our 4:1 group lessons. Therefore, we are limiting and eventually removing 4:1 group lessons from our program. We will continue to offer stroke clinic however, since we feel these endurance-based group lessons are highly beneficial in turning your good swimmer into a great one.

Any current 4:1 group lesson credits can be transferred into private lessons for the monetary amount paid for them, and any difference in payment will be settled in the front office.

For example: 4 weeks of group lessons at regular price is $70, and a private lesson is $35. Therefore 4 weeks of group lessons will transfer into 2 private lessons. However, 3 group lesson credits at regular price is $52.50, therefore in order to get 2 private lessons a payment of an additional $17.50 must be made.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are trying to focus on
giving the highest quality of lessons for your swimmer.

Thank you for understanding and as always, happy swimming!



Baby Dolphin Classes

Our Baby Dolphin swim classes provide a fun and relaxed environment for infants and toddlers to become comfortable in the water with a parent and instructor while learning invaluable water safety skills that will become the foundation of their swimming experience.

A specially trained instructor will actively guide structured songs and activities in order to facilitate the learning process of our foundational skills between you and your child.  The instructor will also teach you the techniques that are vital for your child to be water safe, and will give the reasoning behind each skill that we teach.  We offer Baby Dolphin classes several times each week, please call 487-SWIM (7946) if you would like to sign up!