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Adults: Learning to Swim and Overcoming Fear of Water

Do you have a fear of the water?  Do you want to get into shape the safest and fastest way possible?  Did you never really learn how to swim as a child?  Do you have a fear of deep or open water?  Don't Worry! Here at Donna's Dolphins Swim School we are ready and excited to help you.  Whether it’s overcoming aqua phobia or just improving your swim techniques, we can help!

In a one-on-one lesson you will learn to relax and begin calm breathing, buoyancy, floating, gliding, and finally stroke techniques.  Tense swimmers have a tendency to hold themselves in awkward positions, thereby losing some buoyancy.  You will gain complete confidence moving from a horizontal float to a standing position.  We will take you step-by-step, slowly and gradually.  Our instructors want you to relax and embrace the true healing powers of water, no matter your age or experience level.

A fear of the water for some is very real and can be paralyzing.  The stress of just thinking about it can cause a raised heart rate, tense muscles, and accelerated breathing.  These are all normal manifestations of water anxiety and can stem from one of the following:

  • An instinctive fear
  • Unknown of what is in the water
  • Bad experience as a child
  • Transferred from your parent’s fear of the water
  • Accidental fall into deep water
  • Inadequate or stressful prior swim lessons
  • Near drowning experience

Fearful swimmers often keep their bodies rigid and tense in an attempt to keep as much of the head as possible above water.  This reaction restricts breathing and makes it difficult to remain buoyant.  While other programs are more focused on getting you from one end of the pool to the other, our instructors are more focused on working with you to help overcome your fear, not ignore it.  We will make sure that you are safe, relaxed, and comfortable as we progress through our lessons.

We currently have two warm, indoor pools that are no deeper than four feet, so you will always be able to safely stand with your head above water.  With your instructor, you will take a systematic approach to relieve your water anxiety and learn how to swim.  For your first lesson we recommend that you bring a swim cap, goggles, and the attitude that you can beat this fear.  Through the transformation of our adult swim lessons, you will feel a tremendous sense of achievement which will boost your self confidence and open up a whole new you.  You owe it to yourself to put to rest your fears and finally master a life long skill.