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 Every child should learn to be safe and comfortable in and around water. We use the gentle touch technique and feature private one-on-one lessons that emphasize repetition of basic water safety skills under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Students at our school develop and progress through the skills necessary for a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment!







 WOW Bubbles

Parties at Donna's Dolphins!



WOW Bubbles are large flexible bubbles that make it possible to safely float, walk, run, roll and jump on the surface of water without getting wet! 

The W.O.W. stands for Walk On Water. While inside the transparent bubble you can clearly view everything around you and under water. They are a lot of fun and easy to use. Just hop inside, then we air it up and close the air tight zipper and you're ready. You can walk on water!


A New Experience 


WOW Bubbles is one of the best ways to build up endurance, strength, balance and it's a lot of fun! Watching your friends and family stumble around inside the bubbles is a blast too! Walking and controlling the bubbles can be a real challenge at first. The trick is to hold your arms out to help keep your balance as you lean forward and walk or run. Just a little practice and soon you will be walking on water easily. WOW Bubbles are fun for all ages!*recommended for ages 4yrs and older.


How Long Can You Stay Inside? 

The 6 1/2 ft diameter WOW Bubble has enough air inside for an average person to remain inside for 40 minutes up to 1 hour. That's a lot of air! So you can stay inside the bubble for a very long period of time while being absolutely safe. 


Bumper Boats

In addition to our WOW Bubbles rides, we offer Bumper-Boat rides for ages 2 years and older. So join us Sundays for a fun-filled afternoon with the family!

WOW Bubbles Birthday Parties!

You and your party-goers can enjoy up to two hours of WOW Bubble or Bumper Boat fun. While rides are being given, the rest of your guests can enjoy an area set aside for food, cake and presents! Visit our office for a tour of the layout.



$325 for up to 15 party-goers - 1 hour

$425 for up to 15 party-goers - 2 hours 


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